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8″ BuildBuck Panel

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BuildBuck ICF Door & Window Bucking is an integrated ICF bucking solution for residential & commercial projects. Providing continuous insulation along the full length of the buck, BuildBuck is two-inches thick providing an insulated barrier for all openings. The buck features three primary attachment areas across the face of the buck every 6-inches in the center and on each side as well as a full-length attachment on each side. Foam guides properly align BuildBuck and the ICF blocks. A molded-in sealing member works with flashing to seal against moisture intrusion. The full length molded tape measure and cut lines make cutting the buck to size simple and straightforward.



BuildBuck Product Features

  • Standard BuildBlock labor-saving benefits are included such as molded-in tape measure and cut lines.
  • Indicators for attachment points and cut lines for access ports are molded-in.
  • Molded alignment guides align the buck inside the ICF block.
  • Full-length attachment points along each side of the buck and 8 attachment zones across the face of the buck are spaced evenly every 6-inches.
  • Integrated sealing member molded in to prevent water intrusion behind flashing.
  • BuildBuck has 8 anchors that mechanically securely connect the buck to the concrete.
  • BuildBuck is 2” thick and 52” long (48” nominal) and the longest ICF buck on the market creating a 4040 rough opening without cutting.
  • Packaged in small bundles for easy ordering and fits above block bundles on trucks to eliminate most shipping.
  • BuildBuck is available for all 4-inch, 6-inch & 8-inch forms.

BuildBuck Advantages

  • Designed specifically for BuildBlock, BuildLock, and GlobalBlock ICF forms.
  • Strong I-Beam web design mechanically anchored into concrete and foam.
  • Full-length attachment across both sides of the buck for easy attachment of finishes.
  • Seven (7) full size (3”x 1.5”) attachment points on the face of the buck spaced every 6 inches and 2 half-size on each end.
  • Webs molded 1/2 inch below EPS foam to prevent thermal bridging and create a seamless transition from wall to opening.
  • Numbered cut lines on each side of the buck for straightforward measuring and cutting.
  • Designed to easily allow 8” horizontal rebar spacing in large commercial projects.